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Custard Apple Plant

Custard Apple Plant


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Plant size : 2.5 – 3 ft
Fruit : Completed it’s age to start Fruiting
Variant : Hybrid

Custurd Apple / Shareefa
The fruits vary in shape, heart-shaped, spherical, oblong or irregular. The size ranges from 7 to 12 cm (2.8 to 4.7 in), depending on the cultivar. When ripe, the fruit is brown or yellowish, with red highlights and a varying degree of reticulation, depending again on the variety. The flesh varies from juicy and very aromatic to hard with an astringent taste.The flavor is sweet and pleasant, akin to the taste of ‘traditional’ custard. need sun combined with cool marine nighttime air. They do well in an array of soil types but thrive in well-draining, medium-grade soil with moderate fertility and a pH of 6.5-7.6. Water the tree deeply biweekly during the growing season and then stop watering when the tree goes dormant.


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