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Buy Shahtoot | Mulberry Plant | Morus


Buy Shahtoot | Mulberry Plant | Morus


Mulberry Plant i.e Shahtoot is a fast and easy to grow fruit plant that belongs to the family of Moraceae. The plant thrives best in a warmer climate and produces delicious and healthy berries to eat. It requires watering once a week and well-drained and fertile soil is ideal for growth.

Reasons to Grow Mulberry Plant:

  • Promotes Brain Health
  • Boost Immune System
  • May Lower your Cholesterol level
  • Reduce Cancer Risk

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Introduction of Shahtoot – Mulberry Plant:

Mulberry Plant i.e Shahtoot is a fast and easy to grow fruit plant that belongs to the family of Moraceae

They are native to Asia and North America and are widely cultivated for their tasty berries and appealing flowers.

The mulberry plant is an essential source for the nutrition of silkworms. It loves to grow in full sun and blooms from the middle of June until September

Moreover, the scientific name of mulberry is Morus, and it is beneficial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



A mature tree may height up to 10m tall

A mature tree may spread up to 7m wide


It comes in three major types:

  1. White mulberry
  2. Black mulberry
  3. Red mulberry

Growing Difficulty Level:

Super easy-to-grow and care for


Produce Berries and Flowers

Names i.e Well Known as:

Mulberry, Shahtoot, Tuti, and Morus

Plant Family:


Time to Bloom:

Mulberry blooms between mid-June until September.


Shahtoot takes about 10 years to reach maturity and begin bearing fruit (If you start from seeds)

Best Way To Care For Shahtoot Plant (How to Grow a Mulberry Plant at Home) 

As we discussed above, Shahtoot Plant isn’t hard to grow but you must have the fundamental knowledge to grow a plant. Make sure to read the best practices to grow the mulberry plants which we have discussed below.

Best Practices:

Best practices of taking care of the Mulberry Plant:

Ideal Temperature and Climate:

  • In a warm climate, temperature between 75 to 82 F is the best to grow mulberry trees effectively
  • Shahtoot can grow in a wide range of climates but a warm climate is ideal for it.

Ideal Sunlight:

  • Mulberry happily welcomes full sunlight, requiring at least 4 hours of sun per day.

Ideal Watering:

  • It should be watered at least 1 inch of water each week. (If you receive this amount through rainfall, then do not need to water it)

Ideal Soil:

  • Well-drained and fertile soil is ideal for the growth of Shahtoot. It tolerates almost any type of soil conditions except wet soils.

Ideal Fertilizer:

  • 10-10-10 fertilizer is best for the Mulberry Plant. This fertilizer is super easy to use and ideal for plants that need a lot of nitrogen
  • Applying fertilizer in early spring is best for shahtoot

Things to do and don’t after planting of Mulberry Plant:


  • Do a little fertilizer if the soil conditions are favorable
  • Keep the soil moist
  • Prune young trees in late winter to develop strong structural branches
  • Keep watering properly


  • Strictly avoid wet soil
  • Do not water during rainfall 

Frequently Ask Questions About Shahtoot Plant:

Q: Where do mulberry trees grow best?

Mulberries grow best in a warmer climate by consuming more than 4 hours of full sunlight a day with well-drained soil and watering 1 inch each week.

Q: Can you eat fresh mulberries?

Yes, you can eat them fresh and dried because they’re a rich source of vitamin C and iron that play vital roles to maintain our healthy body.

Q: Do you need 2 mulberry trees to get fruit?

No, you do not need to plant 2 mulberries to produce fruit. Mulberry tree growing fruits without pollination.

Q: Are mulberry trees easy to grow? 

Yes, the mulberry plant is easy to grow and care for. Make sure to do watering and fertilizing properly.

Q: How do you clean mulberries after picking?

Make sure to wash them in a bowl of water instead of the running tap because are easily damaged by nature.

Q: Will Mulberries grow in wet soil?

No, it cannot grow in wet soil besides that mulberry tolerates almost every soil condition.

Q: Why doesn’t my mulberry tree have fruit?

The most reasonable answer is frost, your plant may be attacked by frost that usually happens because of lack of attention during frost season.

Q: How old does a mulberry tree have to be to produce fruit?

If mulberries start from seed, they take almost 10 years to bear fruits.

Q: Can you get sick from eating mulberries??

No, they don’t make you sick if you eat ripened mulberries; they can make you sick only when you eat under-ripe or unripe or overeat.l



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Green Mulberries, Hybrid Multi-Colour Mulberries


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