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Peach Plant


A dormant, bare-root peach tree should be planted in late winter. A container grown tree should go into the ground in spring. For bare root trees, soak the roots for six to twelve hours before planting. Dig your planting hole a few inches (7.6 cm.) deeper than and twice as wide as the tree’s root ball or root system. If your tree is grafted, make sure the bud union is planted a couple inches (5 cm.) above the soil. If your tree is bare root, leave plenty of room for the roots to spread. Fill the hole half way with soil and water it well. When it drains, check to see if the tree is still positioned correctly, then fill the rest of the hole with soil. Water again and mulch around the trunk. It’s a good idea to construct a 3- to 6-inch (7.6-15 cm.) berm of soil around the tree’s root zone to help contain water and mulch. After planting, trim the tree back to 26 to 30 inches (66-76 cm.), removing its side branches. This will help your tree produce a better crop.


Fertilize your peach tree in spring using one pound of 10-10-10 fertilizer for new trees and an additional pound each year until your tree is 10 feet (3 m.) high. Plan to prune your peach tree each year in spring, making sure the center of the tree has a free flow of air and sunlight. Pay close attention to your peach tree throughout the year to address any problems that may arise like peach leaf curl and browning, or diseases and pests. It takes some attentiveness and a bit of focus but growing a peach tree can be a gratifying and enjoyable project.


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