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Thyme Plant

Thyme Plant

Pot Size = 6 Inch
Season: Full Season
Pot : Simple Black Plastic Pot (Same like picture)

Will deliver the same type of plants same as in the picture
*This image is just for reference your plant may have different number of leaves and different numbers of fruits at the time of delivery

Available Vegetable Plants :

Dhania = 200Rs
Podina / Mint = 200Rs
Meethi Pot = 200Rs
Palak Pot = 200Rs
Desi China Lemon = 500 ~ 700Rs
Big Kaghzi Lemon = 2000Rs
Lemon Grass Pot = 800Rs
Imported Big Lemons Plant = 2000Rs
Kaffir Lime = 8000Rs
Karri Patta / Curry Plant = 300Rs
Thyme = 500Rs
Rosemary = 800Rs
Green Lettuce = 200Rs
Pink lettuce = 200Rs
Iceberg Pot = 200Rs
Rocket = 300Rs
Turrai Bail = 300Rs
Kaddu bail = 300Rs
Celery = 200Rs
Brinjal = 200Rs
Ajwain = 300Rs
Chilli Desi = 200Rs
Sweet Basil = 300Rs
F1 Hybrid Tomato Plant = 300Rs
F1 Hybrid Cherry Tomato Plant = 300Rs
Tulsi = 300Rs
Broccoli Plant = 300Rs
Romaine Lettuce = 200Rs
Rainbow Chard = 200Rs
Bok choy = 200Rs

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Plant small plants in very well-drained soil, with added compost improved drainage. Although plants are fairly drought tolerant when established, they need watering in until well established. Add a mulch of horticultural grit or gravel around plants to prevent moisture sitting at the base of the plant.


Thyme will rarely need watering apart from during very prolonged periods of dry or drought conditions in summer. Ensure plants in pots are not allowed to completely dry out. Thyme doesn’t like rich soil, but will benefit from a light feeding of a high potash plant food in spring. Give plants a liquid feed during summer to improve growth, flavour and flowering. Trim plants after flowering with secateurs or shears to keep them compact and to promote fresh, new growth. Thyme is rarely troubled by any pests or diseases. Soft growth, promoted by rich soils or overfeeding with high nitrogen plant foods, may encourage aphids.


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